If there is any job in India which is deemed as the most elite and erudite in nature it is definitely into the Civil Services domain. The stellar status that is associated with the job comes not only because being a civil servant a person gets to work with the top of the administrative hierarchy, but also because clearing civil service exam is in itself an accomplishment. This is perhaps the reason why every year only an approximate 50% of the total number of applicants attempt the exam while the rest choose to shy away than to even face the exam.

However, one must be reminded that there are innumerable myths related to Civil Service Exams, these myths do not just ruin dreams and aspirations but kill the bright future many even in the remotest corner of India could live and which could have impacted a hundred other such lives. This failure is where NICSE stands as the bridge that connects rural India’s potential to urban India’s resources and has been leaving astounding impact on the lives of Indian youth equally in rural and urban pockets of India.

In reality, for most civil service aspirants, the true hurdle lies in their understanding of the demands of the exam. Be it UPSC or State Civil services, the fact that their pattern of evaluating remains unpredictable makes them the most difficult exams to crack.

Though it is true that some coaching institutes can effectively guide the aspirants and show them the most useful study techniques which can help them crack the exam easily yet unfortunately, today in the race to allure more and more candidates, each year we see new names in the coaching industry mushrooming in every nook and corner of every big and small city. The question that arises is, should the increasing number of institutes or platforms of coaching dilute the quality of coaching? While it is true that expanding number of institutes does not necessarily dilute quality of coaching yet it is wise to evaluate quality before relying on any platform. For a beginner, the following parameters may facilitate the evaluation process.

  • Can the institutes showcase names of successful candidates making it to the merit list every year whom they have truly mentored through various levels of examination?
  • Can they present a panel of academicians who have lengthy experience of mentoring successful candidates or have themselves achieved high score in the coveted exams?
  • Can they present a well-researched module/program structured to reduce the research burden of the students?
  • Do they offer a highly experienced content development team that prepares relevant and up-to-date material for the students?
  • And finally, can their module match the standards of Nationally renowned institutes situated in the Capital of the country?

If your answer is no, then head for N.I.C.S.E, because at Nationale Institute For Civil Services Examination, we take pride in matching your expectation by fulfilling all of the above mentioned criterions.

In the past 6 years, starting from 2013, almost 25% of successful candidates making it to the NPSC merit list have been mentored at NICSE. We have mentored candidates through various levels of UPSC examination and held successful UPSC & NPSC Mock interview sessions

The success of NICSE can be largely accredited to its vision of maintaining an ethical standard of coaching. We do not just chase this vision in theory; we believe in living by our set values. This is very much visible in our infrastructure with a Library containing thousands of books solely dedicated to the competitive exams and over 20,000 sq.ft of premium class infrastructure having every facility that can define a modern and truly national class educational setup. Our vision of excelling and revolutionizing the coaching industry finds its first expression in our classrooms and institute infrastructure.

NICSE believes that, to raise the bar of coaching industry and give a tough competition to others, which will perhaps also push them to play by standards, we would need dedicated staff. This is the reason why NICSE has become an institute with one of the biggest manpower working dedicatedly to achieve our vision. With four centres in Nagaland and Northeast, NICSE has over 100 dedicated staff working to produce successful candidates not only in State level but also at National level. Today NICSE is already working on a plan to setup a National centre at Delhi. By this NICSE will become the first coaching institute from NORTHEAST to have its own national base.

The decision to become a National player has come from the confidence that NICSE generates from its amassed acumen of over 6 years. In this journey NICSE has always worked to create policies which leads to a holistic growth of the aspirants. In the form of workshops conducted by bureaucrats, bringing the best faculties from top institutes in Delhi, allowing students to interact with successful candidates of NICSE, giving aspirants support through counselling, class room programs and appropriate and precise material, NICSE has been providing a total developmental ecosystem.

In the coming years, NICSE will rapidly increase its outreach and become one of the premier names in National arena of coaching industry. With this we hope to effectively support your journey of becoming a Civil Servant by pooling a talented team from across India creating a team that will surpass expectations and create history in the world of coaching in India.